Here are all the details

  • When the grid is stressed, SolarEdge Home Battery will supply power to your home; this helps stabilize the grid by using less electricity from the grid
  • You will receive a $400 e-gift card per battery from CPA for signing up
  • You will receive an additional $300 e-gift card from CPA in October 2023 for your ongoing participation
  • Begin your enrollment with two simple steps:
    • STEP 1: Follow prompts to share your SCE meter data with Clean Power Alliance (you will need your SCE online login)
    • STEP 2: Fill out an enrollment form
  • Once your battery is installed and you have received your permission to operate from SCE, your installer will notify Clean Power Alliance that your enrollment is complete
  • Energy Saving events can happen any time and day of the year and can last up to five hours for a maximum of three consecutive days with a maximum of 100 events per year
  • Your battery will not be discharged below 20% energy capacity during an Energy Saving event and never during Public Safety Power Shutoff events, providing you with plenty of energy to utilize your system in the event of an outage