AutoGrid and SolarEdge have partnered to help stabilize
California's electricity grid – and pay you in the process!

Sign Up and receive a $1000 gift card per house.

Participating is simple: we'll occasionally ask your battery
to power your home's electricity needs to reduce demand
on the grid.

Here are all the details

  • The request will be mostly between the hours of 4pm and 9pm on hot weekdays (when the grid is under stress)
  • The program will run until Oct-14-2024
  • Each request will not last more than a few hours
  • Before each request we will be making sure your battery is charged
  • Your battery will always maintain 20% for emergency use
  • Your battery will not be accessed during an outage
  • You will receive $1000 worth of Gift Cards: $400 at sign up and 3 payments of $200 on November 1st of each program year
  • Must have a SolarEdge storage inverter with LG Chem battery to qualify